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Brittney is an excellent personal trainer who has helped me achieve my fitness goals. I’m a reasonably athletic person, but flexibility and core strength have always been a weakness of mine and an area that I have neglected in my usual work out routines. Brittney immediately recognized this and focused my sessions on core training. After training with Brittney for 6 months now, I have noticed marked improvements not only in my personal training sessions, but also in my weight lifting and playing of sports. Brittney taught me the importance of core strength to all aspects of my fitness, strength and general wellbeing.

Brittney has a warm and friendly approach to training, but she will not hesitate in pushing you to achieve your personal goals. I wanted to take my fitness to the next level, but was not looking for a “boot camp” experience. Brittney is the sort of trainer I was looking for and recommend her highly to others.


~Nariman Lindsey

Brittney is fun to work with. Even with my busy schedule and time limitations, she always makes sure that each and every workout gives me the maximum benefit. I like working with her because she is friendly and focused, making the workout exciting and challenging at the same time.

Veny Pirochta


“The work I’ve done with Brittney Esqueda over the past year has changed my life.  In addition to improving my health, I’ve become aware of the strength inside me that I didn’t know was there.  Brittney provided insight and emotional support, as well as the physical exercise that has helped me get stronger and lower my blood sugar levels.  Our workouts were never boring as Brittney varied the exercises and each session was different.  She pushed me when necessary and was mindful of my injured knee as well, and I will be always grateful to her for helping me get healthier and stronger.” 

Susan Hanley

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